This is my CV. Ain't it cool?

I've been trained as a solutions focused Art Director starting my career at JWT. Before the first Internet boom, I had already earned a couple of Clios and other awards (See Madison Avenue work here).

I've been Designer, Creative/Design Director or a senior staffer for many agencies (See my Most recent job : Visual Dialogue) and many major web and web related projects. I've worked with pioneering tech companies during the first Internet boom over a decade ago.

After returning to Madison Avenue and garnering an Emmy-nomination for a Broadband PSA – I went back to Silicon Valley to commit my skills to a better Web. See my Design and Digital work here (contact me for password).

Today, my influence grows as I've launched a Social Medial business in the UK, consulted with pioneering micro-banking and social media sites in Europe (See my Social Media work here) and most recently, I've been shortlisted to be CMO at an exciting new startup called AIRHELP - backed by SKYPE investor, Morton Lund.

As a creative professional, I've got a clear 360º view of Digital; from where it began a short 16 years ago to where its going in the future. That's the kind of leadership you need today.

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