what/who is creativemf?

BKLTD is A Direct Source (DTC) for Creative Leadership.

Ever wonder where celebrities and high profile personalities go to with the confidence that they can launch a new product or tweak their existing image without the fear of being over-charged or poorly served because of their wealth or fame? 

The BKLTD approach to celebrity branding is: we never seek the limelight before our own clients' prominence.  In other words: we know who the star is in this constellation and equation = You. Why, as a famous celebrity would you hire a 'wannabe-star' to be a hanger-on?  The best relationships begin with a clear understanding. 

BKLTD Helps Internet Tech Companies with Real Growth Hacks.

BKLTD also works with small, tech, startup teams launching multi-million-dollar, Madison Avenue scale branding campaigns. We help burgeoning, new companies develop real strategies to build real FAME to ensure reach to customers (b2c) or other businesses (b2b).  And we can work with existing agents and Public Relations representatives seamlessly and effectively. 

☯ Product Management / SCRUM Project Management (8+ years)

☯ Web Development and Internet Reputation Management (20 yrs)

☯ SEO, SEM & Social Best Practices & Campaign Strategies (10 yrs)

☯ Crisis Management and Image Enhancement (20 yrs)

☯ Art Curation and Art Sophistication including nft/crypto development and set up Counsel (15+ yrs)

☯ Career Analysis and 3rd-Eye Advisory (15+ yrs)

☯ Personal/Celebrity Brand Product Launches (17 yrs)

☯ Personal/Celebrity Brand Advertising Campaigns (17 yrs)

☯ Public Relations and Ad Agency Liaise (20 yrs)

☯ World Class Design Resources and Packaging (20+ yrs)

☯ Small Business SetUp in US and UK (20 yrs)

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